Why do we need another rare book listing service?.............


Because the other book indexing services are well-meaning but incomplete!


From the rare book dealer's perspective:

  • Who are these people buying the books? Are they sincere in their interest in my lifelong passion or just "tire-kickers"? In some cases I never know who bought my books - they are sent off anonymously into the void. I didn't become a bookseller to do that! I want to know the people I am selling to! I want to share my know ledge and to learn.
  • I have to upload my books again and again and again to all the various indexing services, all with slightly different requirements. In some cases the service extracts a percentage, so I have to boost my prices to stay fair to the other services that don't. In other cases I have to ship to a central warehouse for resale, but I have to make sure I don't leave any information about my shop in the package. I'm sure it must take forever to get to the customer, and pass through too many hands on the way! It's all very confusing and very time-consuming.
  • I have avoided computerization until now, but now I have no choice. Is there any way to post catalogues that can be browsed or even searched without the need to put everything in a database? I don't want to put my material into a database, it just doesn't interest me! But the idea of creating a gallery of images to show people, that I like!
  • I have been computerized for years and my systems were tired. I just converted my system last year, but the new one is buggy and frustrating - it seems I spend more time working with computers than with the books I love! How do I update, save my old data and create a book business system that will be able to actually help me save time, organize myself better..... I am sick of having the technology dictate the way I run my business.
  • Why is all this money coming into the old book world? It is scary because we, the established old book experts, are being shunted aside. We have to take control of our business again! It seems that the knowledge I took a professional lifetime to acquire, the knowledge that is embodied in my catalogue desciptions, is ending up in other peoples' hands! How can I protect what must be my own intellectual property? The book indexing services are saying they have a right to do whatever they want to with that information - how can that be? Also, I've got old customers and new buying from me over the 'net through the indexing services and the services must know every detail! How can I protect what always used to be my most valued possession - my customer list?



From the rare book customer's perspective:

  • Who are these people selling the books? Can I trust them, not just their honesty but their knowledge, too?
  • When I go to the various book search sites, I find the same books listed over and over again, sometimes the same books from the same dealer, sometimes even at significantly different prices. What's going on?
  • When I order a book, sometimes it takes weeks to get to me. Why is that?
  • I'm not comfortable giving out my credit card information over the Web, or via email.
  • Sometimes I don't know exactly what I want before I see it. I'd like to replicate the experience of going to a really fine old book shop. But they don't seem to exist anymore, at least not in my town. Can you give me a taste of that over the 'net? Can I ask questions about books, share my own history with books, learn about books - without feeling like I'm wasting someone's time - someone I'll never meet?
  • What exactly is a rare book? It seems like most of the book sites are mostly just old books, used books...... Where can I go to find to find rare books (and I don't mean just expensive books!), to find interesting and unusual books without wading through the other stuff?




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