We have created Biblioware using our experience as service agents for the DOS-based booksellers' application, Bookease. Tools developed for the new world of internetworking make this new approach to business management software possible.


  • Biblioware is networked in its soul - it will run on any modern operating system able to speak the common language of the Internet - Windows, MacOS, Linux - anything. If you can browse the 'net from your computer, you can use Biblioware.

  • Biblioware is totally scaleable - able to control a small inventory of a few thousand records or a million. Biblioware will help simplify the complex channels of assisted cataloguing, data posting and order management - a single tool for many tasks.

  • We are releasing Biblioware in stages - from a "light" inventory control version through additional client, ordering and want modules, etc. Contact us!

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